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    carb rebuild kit question

    just looking at the kits to rebuild the carbs for GP800R and GP1200R carbs...

    Notice that there are SBN-I and SBN... and that you need the SBN-I for Yamaha

    What makes the SBN-I so much better that it costs about 50% more???? I see SBN out there (genuine Mikuni) for ~$32 but the cheapest SBN-I is ~$48!!!

    What gives??

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    They are different. Get the SBN-I kits if your ski has power valves. If not then get what you need. I just ordered genuine Mikuni rebuild kits and they did NOT come with 95g springs - they came with heavier springs. They DID come with filters.

    I believe the main difference is in the pump diaphragm. Also these are the biggest carbs ever put on a ski. Take a look at the side of your carb for markings. If yours is 67X then you definately need the SBN-I kits. If 66V then you probably still need the SBN-I kits.

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    yep, GPR 66v/67x series PV engine has the i-body SBN carbs...P/N MK-BN44i-YAM for the rebuild kits

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