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    Seadoo Speedster 150 215HP SCIC 2006 Help !!!

    Hi i have always owned polaris 2 stroke jet ski's but i have now finally taking the plunge and am buying a seadoo speedster very soon.i have some questions which i am wondering anyone could help me with please ?

    what top speed will these go ?
    When in rough seas can you handle them like a jet ski and 'jump' throttle up waves with them ? without damage.
    what is the best planned maintenance to carry out to prevent any engine damage and keep it running sweet ?
    Also i have read a lot of bad things about the SC washers, so would it be best to get them replaced every 100 hours or more ?
    Many thanks, from a complete speedster newbie !!!!


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    I have an 05 sportster. I have gps'd it at 58 with 2 people in it. It will porpoise in chop but you can run it hard if you do it continuously it can damage it because of engaging and disengaging abruptly. I don't worry about it too much though because its not always choppy and i love jumping waves. However I would check the motor mounts carefully before doing so. I broke 3 in the surf and it was an expensive repair.
    Do the oil and plugs every 50 hours and the supercharger at every 100 no matter what. Always clean everything thoroughly with fresh water and spray it down with XPS.
    I think all the rebuild kits have metal washers now? I did a large intake and thru hull exhaust on mine and love it. 170 hours currently.

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    Thankyou very much for youre feedback, cant wait to get mine now ! just think i gotta sort the supercharger out before i go on it then it should be sweet dude !

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