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    Seadoo '97 XP - BURNED MPEM - replaced.. still blowing 5a fuse.. HELP!

    Hi guys,
    I burned out the last mpem on the 97 xp i have... got s s/h replacement in today.

    I've fitted it, and all the connections etc - but it still blows the 5a fuse touching the start button (WITHOUT the key on post)
    i've tried disconnecting the VTS (unplug the 3 connector blocks on the rear left of the ski, looking from behind) - Same problem.

    has anyone had this before? anyone know whats wrong or have an idea for something to check?

    Many thanks

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    Many people have encountered this before...

    I have an extra MPEM, let me know if you want to buy it.

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    If the price is good - I'd be interested!

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    Hi Dale

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    The problem is NOT with the mpem as it was tested in a perfect running machine prior to being sold to you.

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