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    How to install Reed Stuffers into a GP1200R?

    Hey, I promissed I searched and everything but cannot find what I'm looking for.

    Ive had my reeds out previously, and going to take them out again to get them sealed better with YamaBond4. I ordered Reed stuffers from R&D/Riva and 6 plastic shark teeth came in a box with nothing. Do these just pop in or do I need to YamaBond4 them in place?

    Thank you

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    The stuffers slide inside the reed cages (by themselves) and will stay in place when you bolt the reed valve plate down.

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    Thank you

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    Installed last night. Just a note for future searchers; a few of my received r&d reed stuffers looked to have an issue when removed from the mold. A simple utility file was able to smooth the mold scars away. I think if I had not done this, the reed valve plate would not have seated cleanly against the reed cage as the mold marks were protruding. This could gave caused either damage to the stuffer or caused an unseated air leak.

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