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    quick oil to fuel ratio question

    i have a xlt 1200 3cyclenders and she has a 18.5 gallon gas tank and i was wondering how much oil i would put in the gas tank i know that there is a seperate tank for the oil but i was told to add some oil to the gas tank just incase the oil pump fails on me so my question is. how much oil do i put in for every gallon?

    I use Yamalube 2-w at 34.99 a gallon

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    Do one or the other..not both. Get yourself good tight clamps for your lines,your pump will not fail. or go premix.

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    40:1 is 1qt (32oz or 4 cups) per 10 gallons of fuel. Theres an app for this on iPhone called PremixCalc. I'm sure Android has one too. Use one system not two.

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    A different look at it:

    At idle the stock pump mixes at 200:1... you could also premix at 200:1 and your ski would idle all day regardless of whether the pump was working or not... if you blew a line you could always still get back without damaging parts. (although it would probably take a lean seize for you to realize something was wrong initially).

    If you did run premix at 200:1, then it would change your actual mix to 100:1 (half coming from oil pump, half from premix), which is still pretty clean and much better than running 40:1 at idle (much less cost and less waisted oil), and then at full throttle where the std injected engine runs at 30:1, you'd be at 26:1, not much different.

    It would be much more of a hassle and I don't recall ever reading of an oil pumpon these actually failing... virtually all the problems come from the lines coming off.

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    just get a block off kit to take the pump out and go pre-mixed. id do that to every 2 stroke ski i buy. less chance of a locked motor.

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