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    Fitting aligning a honda aquatrax r12x motor

    hey, has anyone replaced their motor mounts on this ski and if so are there any tips. I've read that the motor has to be aligned or centred. I've no tool to do this. Can it be done without the alignment tool if there even is such a thing or what is the best way to do this? I've never did anything before like this to a jetski.ive the ski stripped down and two mounts removed (opposite corners. Please help as I havnt been out on the ski for a while and dont want to cause any damage if i fit them incorrectly. Thanks

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    Draw an outline around your old motor mounts. When you remove them mark the location of the shims. Reinstal same shims into the same location and use the outline to reposition. You can use a machinist's 6" straightedge to check alignment if it vibrates.

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