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    Ultra 150 shredmaster and drop trim lever

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ID:	310228 $250 for the shredmaster $100 for the trim

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    Trim sold. still have the plate

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    Stock reeds last 150+hrs

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    Either way works, pm or call 303-818-3696. Most bang for your buck on the ultra I would do an ada head 42cc domes, stinger mod, intake grate, solas 16/20, and a shredmaster that would give you a good noticeable gain and not hurt your reliability. I wouldn't mess with the reeds, performance gains aren't all that great for the reliability you lose. The carbon fiber reeds are much more prone to chipping and cracking. If you really want to go fast and spend some money get a triple pipe set up and a 17/21. I would also recommend checking your oil injection lines, it's not uncommon for them to crack and trash the motor.

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    Still have the plate? pm sent

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    From your experience do you think the carbs need to be adjusted or modified to run an aftermarket head like ADA on pump gas? Did you ever get the Ultra over 70, that would be my goal, but I don't want touch the motor much.

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    You can run an ada with 42cc domes on pump gas with no carb adjustments, I did on another ski and it ran great. I've heard you can even run 40cc without detonation. On this ski I had factory triple pipes and novi 48's. I bought the carbs already set up for this application but, still spent a fair amount of time on them. I had this ski up to around 80, but it was completely built. The one with just the head I'm not sure of top speed but, it made a noticeable difference. You should also consider a 16-20 solas.

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