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    2011 RXT260 oil in coolant reservoir

    Hi, I'm new here, after ridding on the sea, I'm not intentionally lift the seat to check inside, found milky oil mess inside the engine compartment:milky oil every where ,find it come out from the cracked coolant reservoir:high pressure break the coolant reservoir ! look at the gauge,107degree Celsius! and climb up to 116, but I did'nt heard alarm. heading to dock slowly, I monitering the temp on gauge, form 87-97 degree Celsius, when temp going to 97,I need very slowly or stop the engine, then temp will drop down, now the syndrome is, milky oil in coolant,
    now I find :
    milky oil in coolant reservoir,
    engine oil is normal,not milky,
    starting the engine is normal,
    wot still reach 7500 rpm on water,
    any advise where most like damage?

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    Sounds like a blown head gasket.
    I wouldn't suggest pushing your rpms to 7500 with a problem in the motor.

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    More than likely you did have coolant getting into the oil but once it entered the oil it evaporated out because of the heat.
    Your going to need to fix the issue and change the oil and filter.
    Your filter probably has a coolant film in it..

    Get a shop manual and follow the directions.

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