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    Stator replacement on SLT780 - Engine removal?

    Ok so time to replace the stator and melted wire harness. Some suggest, and I think I agree, best idea is to remove the motor.
    I have done a lot of work on the Polaris skis (good at standing on my head) but must admit I have not removed a motor yet. Looking for some documentation on how to go about this task or some good words of advise from those of you that have learned the hard way. Thanks in advance.


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    I find it really isnt that difficult to remove a motor. I can have the motor out of any one of my skis in an hour to an hour and a half.

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    I find it much easier to cut the stator wires and install these connectors.

    They come in multiple sizes and pin counts. Just make sure you have enough do your ski.

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