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    99 stx low top end?

    Have a 99 stx 1100. Its only running 6700 rpm. Replaced a broken reed today and ran it, was at about 47 [email protected] 6700 rpm. Carbs have been cleaned and checked, new fuel lines, filter. Just seems a bit low. Any ideas? The ski accelerates ok although I need to feather the throttle just a tad on the takeoff. I have seen some stuff about a SLO and FPO modes? Does this only apply to newer skis than this?

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    What do the spark plugs look like? Have you done a compression test? My '98 indicates about 53-54.

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    Sounds like the slides are sticking to me. Wouldn't worry about the mode, the 99 does ECU is not very advanced and will kill itself before it actually shuts down like it should.

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