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    96 xp advice

    New to the small PWC world and I am trying to get a feel for what would be a nice setup for mine. Dean on this site built this little ski and it is tons of fun. I'm sure there are ways to improve it but not sure what to do. From what I understand the xp is set up nice with beach house sponsons, jet dynamics grate, and what appears to be a stock ride plate. There are also little tabs that stick out the back that say "ultrac" not sure what that is. As it sits now the xp has tons of hole shot and mid range. Almost to much and could probably benefit from a better proportioned impeller. From what I understand it has a stock 2000 gtx pump with stock impeller. Any good advice to help this girl scoot and handle better will helpClick image for larger version. 

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    I have a build thread on mine as well called "Airborne's 951 XP"airbornes 951 I used a 155mm skat trac 6 vein pump. had a SS wear ring and a taller prop in it. I cant remember off hand what I had but it worked. I was also running a RXP exit nozzle and a different venturi with changable rings. catch up on that thread as the pictures were in the first few pages...the rest get bogged down with my timing issue.

    on another note there is a member on here by the name of tweeker and mongoose2 that built a 75mph boat just like this. he had a Coffmans pipe and some other go fast parts but he had a ton of money in it.

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    I don't really wanna do any motor mods considering this motor runs amazing and makes tons of power for me. it has a really hard hit low and mid range and it is fun to run. I just think a different impeller would assist in making it a little more of an all around power to the water ski.

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    Hey now Dean delivered a perfect running 951 that he installed into a clean 96 XP. Then Gary(the guy I briefly sold it to) and I went to work.

    The JD grate #6
    Beach house sponsons instead of homemade
    Ultrac extended trim tabs
    Jettrim mats and new hump seat
    got all the gauges working
    AGM battery with Hot Products quick release
    PTO cover, new hoses, etc.
    Outer Wears over the filters

    I have a new impeller in the box I never tried if you want it for $100. It's a Skat but I can't remember pitch off the top of my head.

    There is a member here named Bunkerking that lives in Jax and builds these. He is also very helpful.

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    hey matt, i am accually curous about the skat impeller but looking at the back that pump is siliconed to hell on and im sure it will wrestle me to get it out. plus i dont have a tool to remove the impeller. is there any way you can find out the pitch of that impeller?

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    It's a Skat Trak Super Slim 14/18. Yes I have never had that pup off. Dean had to remove a lot of glass to make room for that big pump and you will have to silicone it back like that. I have the prop tool and the impact.

    There is always the old saying "don't fix it if it ain't broke". Are you really tired of 62mph already? I have your title too, we'll get together on this stuff.

    Oh on the mod list done in Fl I forgot AWD splashguard and tow loop

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    Lol not tired of the speed just think I can spread the love a little so it pulls hard threw a broad range. I do love the ski and it is a blast as it sits. Drinks gas faster than I can pour it but eventually I would like to put a larger tank in it

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