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Thread: Vxr hull crack!

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    Exclamation Vxr hull crack!

    Hello, I have a 2012 Yamaha VXR with the NanoXcel hull. I bought it brand new last year. as soon as I bought it I noticed that when I took it under water the hull would fill up with water. so I would put it up on the lift and pull the plugs and drain the water out. later in the season I installed a custom mod bilge pump that I fabricated myself. as soon I felt the hull fill when riding it hard I could flip the switch and the water would pump out the side of the jet by the seat as I fabricated. this season I purchased a drive on floating lift made by wave-port and I love it. I was casualy riding last weekend when I felt as if the hull was full of water. so I flipped the bilge switch.I was a bit puzzled but didn't think much of it at the time. later in the day I went out and felt the jet bogging so I headed home and put the jet on its side in the water thinking I had some weeds in the impeller. that's when I noticed a 12inch gouge in the bottom of my jet. there was a few other gouges not as big but very noticeable in the bottom as well. I know for a fact that there is nothing on the lake I could have hit. the gouges in the bottom of the jet line up with the runners on drive on lift. I didn't really know what to do at that point so I got the fiberglass repaired. I was on the jet this week and I checked the fiberglass after 2-3 times after going on the lift. to my surprise the new fiberglass has ripped off in the same spot from where it was repaired. it has to be this lift that is the problem. has anyone experienced anything like this or similar? do I have a faulty hull? is the lift really doing this? Any replies will be realty appreciated!

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    fiberglass repairs will not work on the nanoxcell hull, if you have a crack, you must repair properly, there is a thread about repairing, these soft hulls, my hull looks like it was dragged down the road from just hitting sand banks and shoals in the fresh water river we ride in

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    I have heard of other hulls cracking from the use of the drive on docks.

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    I used West Marines' epoxy and hardener (no affiliation). Excellent results and no problems with it failing. Proper preperation required. You might try a search and see what you find regarding this, lots of information available here.

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    If it was happening when it was BRAND NEW I would have delivered it back to the dealer where I bought it.

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    Can you modify the drive on lift from rollers to carpeted skids or teflon covered skids?

    Food for thought.

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    Anyone repair their Nano shells with West Systems and if so what filler did you use. I gauged the 'candy' shell and need to repair.

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    Hey bedgie, last year while riding on lake tahoe i ran through a debris field out in the middle of the lake that looked like a boat had sunk out there. This is a huge lake and at the deepest point is 1900 feet deep. Couldn't figure that one out, but at least i didn't see any bodies. Long story short, when i got back to shore i looked and had a nice small gouge in the bow below the water line. Hav ing restored fiberglass boats in the past, i did some research on what to use on the nano-excel hull. I used West Marines epoxy and hardener and the 403 micro-fibers to thicken it. This stuff gets hard as a rock. When i went to sand it down smooth, i actually had to use a belt sander to get it down to a workable thickness to wet sand. It has been problem free.

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