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    Will too much oil in premix hurt engine?

    Will too much oil in premix hurt the engine except running rich and fouling plugs?

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    depends how much. if your running 40 to one in a 50 to one, not really. you will smoke a fair bit though. but 24 to 1 in a machine that takes 100 to 1 may not even run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by golferdude View Post
    Will too much oil in premix hurt the engine except running rich and fouling plugs?
    Too much oil can create excessive combustion chamber deposits which can also get into the piston ring grooves and cause the rings to bind.

    Use good quality 2-stroke oil, and use the appropriate oil ratio. More oil does not automatically equal 'better'.

    Better quality oil is better for the engine than a high ratio of a mediocre quality oil.

    Some oils will accumulate deposits if the engine is not designed to run hot enough to burn the deposits off. Know what type of 2-stroke oil your engine needs, and why. Low Ash oils are different from No Ash oils, for example.

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    I've heard too much oil can cause a 2 smoke to run lean.

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