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    Question 02 XLT 1200 won't start unless I pour gas in cylinders

    Hey guys, just finished putting a new SBT motor in my XLT 1200, and now it only starts if I pour gas into each cylinder. It will not idle, but if I give it a little gas it will stay running (around 2000-2500rpm).

    While I had it out I went through the carbs and replaced everything with genuine Mikuni kits. The only thing I didn't touch was the jets.

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    I also switched the fuel filter. Maybe the one I put on there doesn't have a high enough capacity?

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    did you rebuild the fuel pump side and replace the little filters in there.

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    Yes, I rebuilt both sides and filters are in the carbs.

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    put the fuel valve on reserve and see if it does the same thing.

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    I just tried to start it again, and after putting gas in the cylinders it started and rev'd up to about 5000rpm. After about 2 seconds of running at 5000rpm, I went to shut it off and it didn't shut off. Yanked all the spark plug wires off and it still was running (dieseling). Couldn't get it to shut off for nothing. Finally pulled the fuel line off and it eventually died.

    This all happened before I saw that you mentioned to put it on reserve.

    Any thoughts on what is happening? I'm kind of scared to start it again...

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    Air leak maybe? Crank seal or carb gasket possibly.Have a can of carb cleaner handy.Spray if it runs away again.Should slow down.I think you could have gone full throttle and it would have shut down.

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    All you had to do is pull the choke to kill the motor. You need to put the ski in the water while its on your trailer. Once you get it cranked with the motor under a load it should pump your lines and carbs full of fuel. Also make sure the fuel tank has plenty of fuel. Your fuel flapper on your pickup in your tank could be warped not letting it get enough fuel.

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    Have you tried adjusting your idle up a tad?

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    Ya I realized after I got it to shut off that all I probably had to do is pull the choke. All I was thinking at the time was WTF?!

    I think I discovered the problem. After looking at my other ski (same year and model) and comparing it to this one, I noticed that I am missing the 18 little bolts that hold the reed valve plate to the motor. I originally brought my motor in to have the dealer rebuild it, but after seeing the price, I decided I would do it. Apparently they never gave me back the 18 little bolts, because I don't remember ever seeing them and I wouldn't lose exactly all 18 of them..

    Anyways I ordered the bolts last night. Decided not to call the dealer since I brought it to them 2+ months ago and they probably have no idea where they would be.

    Thanks for all your help & suggestions, I'll keep you guys posted.

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