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    07 prop upgrade advice

    I just had a driveshaft on an 07 strip and need to replace the prop. The ski has:

    255 super charger
    42 lb injectors
    4 in intake
    r and d grate

    Should I go with the 15/19, or the 15/20? or something else.

    The ski is running the stock ECM and I don't see it going to higher RPMs in the future.

    Thanks for the advice,


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    rxp steve
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    You haven't said if its a P or a T. If its a RXP I would go with a 15/20r and if its a RXT I would go with a 14/19r and dial the impeller in from there. In either case I would also throw a wedge in there. JMO Good luck

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    thanks steve it is an RXP and i went with the 15/20 and wedge

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