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    2012 FX HO Cruiser Starting Issues

    2012 FX HO Cruiser 30 hrs 1 year in operation since Aug. 2012


    Every once in a while the ski wont start in the first 4-5 seconds. So I pull my finger off start switch, wait a second try again and it does start. Just spoiled with the immediate starts of all my Yamaha skis could it be the stark plugs at 30 hours and the original ones?

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    get new plugs, gap them to the smallest spec and you should be good.

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    I had this issues beginning of this season (my second season with ski). Turned out the factory battery soured after being on trickle all winter. Plugs were fine at 75hrs but I replaced them anyways. I went with the Deka AGM battery. Not a hiccup since!

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    I had it a couple of times when the ski was new - don't rest your finger near the throttle, apparently a safety feature to not start unless at idle...

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