Thanks in advance for any help! I have a pair of '06 Wake edition GTX 155 hp.

I will consolidate and make this quick and bulleted.

One of the skis will not run for more than 5-20 seconds before it chugs to a stop.

I get a good Dess two beep initial hook up of key and all looks normal except the fuel gauge may be showing full with less than full tank, and a depth finder feet reading is coming up in cluster and I do not think I have a depth instrument on ski.

I hook water up and it will start fine, will rev and then fuel gauge reading will disappear about a second before it dies.

As it dies fuel pressure remains steady at 56-58 psi, I am concerned about this fuel pressure to high for my model which is supposed to have 44 psi. Is there a high fuel pressure sensor? I did replace fuel pump module to remedy this issue and may have gotten a supercharged module, by accident, that is putting out the 58 psi.

During the ski stopping I have monitored the voltage at the MPEM and it is steady the whole time DESS post is closed.

I have another good running machine next to it and I am tempted to swap ECM and/or MPEM one at a time to troubleshoot, but I am afraid of the MPEM freaking out with unregistered sensors and ECM and such. Can I switch ECM and not have MPEM freak out? I know keys follow MPEM, but what about other sensors and system units?

Thank you for any help as I am hours from any shop. I did have the candoo licensed and hooked up last year and could not get any good codes when it would shut down. I will renew license with them if needed.

thanks again,