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    VXR 2012 - with Mod Kit - Won't Start - Took on water - 2 Plugs blacken while ignitio


    you sound like you know your waverunner. i hope i'm not bothering you, but i have this starting problem with my 2012 vxr

    my brother put a mod kit on it - since then, it has been taking on water through the mod air intake. Practically new ski with under 60 hours.

    Problem now is: backfires at ignition. I replaced all 4 spark plugs. and tried ignition again. it turned 2 out of 4 plugs black within a matter of a few attempts at ignition. still isn't starting.

    plug wires are numbered and fit properly in sequence.

    Please advise.

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    put back to stock

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    Water in the fuel? Wrong gap?

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