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    2001 Kawasaki 900 STS - Pump Bearing and Seal Rebuild (Orientation & Oil or Grease)


    I知 having my impeller redone at SBT and I知 redoing my entire seal/bearing set while I知 at it. As you can see (first photo) my ball bearings were completely destroyed and actually rattling around in the pump cap! I'm relatively new to jet ski maintenance so I'm hoping I can get some help on a few questions.

    My questions are as follows:

    1) What is the correct orientation of the grease seals. My manual says 撤ress each seal into the pump case so that the side with the spring faces outward Does that mean outward from the boat (meaning both springs would face outwards from the stern) or does that man create a 壮andwich (photo of the new set of seals) with the seals so that one spring faces towards the stern and the other towards the bow? NOTE - the photo of the old seals is how the orientation was when I took apart my pump. In the photos, imagine that the screwdriver is the shaft within the pump housing if that helps describe orientation. I'm also not sure if the big grease seal goes towards the bow or the little one (My understanding is that the big one is to be closest to the bow).
    2) Also, when I took my pump apart the circlip was no where to be found. I cannot find this online anywhere? Am I SOL or can I get by without?
    3) There was no grease or lower unit oil to be found when I took my pump apart. Is that normal, or do I need to be filling any of the voids with lower unit oil or grease?
    4) Finally, I don't have a tool to install the seals. Do I need to order one or can I just bang them in with a hammer and dowel rod or pvc pipe? Other suggestions here would be helpful!


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    the springs face the front of ski, or the prop. before you put bearings or seals in clean all surfaces including the c-clip groove.
    I think SBT has a c-clip in the rebuild kit.
    there is no added oil or grease in there.
    seals you can use a socket or the PVC pipe, but bearings will need to be bushed in evenly from the outer shell.

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    Thanks much for your help.

    Looks like I'll be buying a bearing driver set. I see they are sold at auto stores. Do you know what size I would need? Again, my kawasaki manual simply says 'kawasaki special tool'. Or are they somewhat universal?

    I also looked at sbt for the pump kit. Sure enough, they sell some for my jet ski with and without the c-clip. Hoping the locl hardware store has hem because I cannot find anywhere that just sells the c-clip alone. Wish I would have seen that before.


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