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    Play in Steering?

    Hi Guys,

    I just finished adjusting the steering so the nozzle is perfectly centered when the bars are centered. The steering is smooth and works correctly.

    There is a little bit of play, top to bottom or side to side - basically if you apply force to the bars in any direction other than one you'd use to steer. I pulled the plastic cowels and looked underneath but cant seem to find anything to tighten.

    Does anyone have advice on this or do all FX HOs (this one is a 2012) have some play in them?


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    Sounds pretty normal on all the skis I've ever had or ridden. You did the right thing by taking off the plastic stearing cowels. If memory serves, there are 4 bolts that hold the bars in place.... thats the only place I can think of something that may be loose.

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    id say its bushing play? i dont know the newer skis but i have a bit of that and its just simply the space in the bushing for the steering shaft.

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    There was another thread for this recently. Bunch of guys (including myself) having this issue with the VXRs

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    It's normal. There is a little "slop" in the pivots around the steer nozzle gimble. Under power I can move the bars on my FZS about 3/8". I pay it no mind and ride.

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    I was able to get rid of the vertical play the second time I tightened it. The first time it lasted about 10 minutes before it came back. The second time I probably tightened it way too tight, but its still good after a day in the rough on the river.

    At the bottom of the steering shaft, I loosened the clamping bolt, slip the steering arm all the way up, while pressing down on the handlebars. Kind of like preloading it. Then tighten the bolt back up. I still have very slight side to side play, but the vertical is gone and thats what was really bothering me. Its kind of all a moot point now since I ordered the Riva steering system so I could put the motocross bars on it

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    BTW, I think I only had like 4 hours on the brand new ski when I took that video.

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