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    New Toys

    Hey Guys,
    I read the forums all the time and finally have a reason to post.
    I just bought two 2008 Yamaha's, one is a VX Cruiser with 7.3 hours and the other is a FX SHO with 7.3 hours a double Triton trailer all for $9500. New batteries as of today, previously owned by a Dr. Who never road them. I am so stoked to get them n the lake this weekend.

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    Good buy! Hope you upgraded to AGM batteries! I just put one in my VXR this season and what a difference. Post up some pics when you get a chance and congrats!

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    What a smokin' deal!!! I'm so jelly.

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    That is the deal of a lifetime. Man where was this at?

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    I bought the wave runners in Phoenix. I just sold the VX for $5000. I realized this was a smoking deal, it was an easy sell to my wife. I took it out today for the maiden voyage today, it ran perfectly. Now it's time to set it up for fishing.

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