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    1200 xlt running max 5700 rpms and 40 mph

    Not sure what's causing this. I did compression test on all 3 cylinders and they read 118 to 120. Engine is maxing out about 5700 rpm's in water but revs higher out of water. On a side note I just purchased it. It has the D-plate and sensor and a new rebuild. it has been sitting for awhile not sure if bad gas is causing this. I took the spark plugs out and looked at them. 2 of them were dirty other was pretty clean. I checked oil in reservoir and it is pretty low. I am new to the PWC sport but want to learn as much as possible.

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    If you have old gas you should definitely change it out before trying to diagnose any problems. Also, you should get rid of the oil injection as soon as you can, and switch to premix. Those oil lines get hard over time and leak which can lead to an engine failure. The 1200 PV motor is a good and reliable platform if you take the oil injection out of the equation.

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