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    gtx di question ???

    I have a seadoo gtx di one of the worst skis ever.The question is I took the air pump off to ck air pump psi and while cranking it over i had air and a little fuel coming out of the hose that comes off the regulator.Is that normal? I thought the regulator kept the fuel pressure from the fuel pump on one side and the air pressure from the air pump on the other side? Im about to set this thig on fire and send it down the river.Thanks for looking

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    fuel coming out of the air pump line is not expected. Why are you checking the air pressure?
    without some kind of code reader, any attempt of a diagnosis of the DI system is like you're running blind down a hallway filled with broken glass.

    if you can provide some specifics of your issue and get past your angst ( it's a motor after all) some better help will be forthcoming.

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    All faults erased in comp.have great spark,comp is 100 in both cyl,unit wont start and run,i was wanting to know if the reg on the top of engine was to keep the fuel pump pressure on one side and the air pressure on the other side?I will be checking fuel presure tonight thanks

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    sounds like you have some o-rings within the fuel rail assembly that need attention.. theres a couple on each injector, and a couple on each regulator. each regulator should be bleeding off pressure from each fuel and air rail respectively..

    easy to pull and inspect..

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