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    Question '08 VX100 Deluxe - Stuck at 6100 RPMs

    HELP! 2008 Yamaha VX110 Deluxe (75 hours on PWC) - We live on a floating home in Oregon. I have the skis on a float when not in use within a boathouse. I put the ski back up onto the float, and if I start it without water (for a couple seconds only) and rev it, it revs up to 9000 rpm's instantly. If I put it back in the water, only 6000rpm... I can see nothing wrong with any debris or issues around the prop, seems OK.

    First of all, it is not in L-Mode (low rpm mode 5500rpm) and all the lights and indicators seem to work fine on the panel. (no warning light of oil issue, etc) I can put it into L-Mode and then it stays right at 5500rpm. When I change it back, I still have the problem.

    After parked for a couple weeks, (by my kid), put into the water and max RPM is now 6000-6100... Spark plugs were pulled and look fine. Oil is close to top of reading stick. I assume the oil level should be checked when the PWC is in the water, level?

    What do I check next? Thanks!!!

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    Remove and replace the air filter. It's kind of a pain, but the two bolts that are next to the fuse box and starter relay are the only ones that need to be removed. The other two will slide in and out.

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    it revs so high cuz theres no load on the motor

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    1. Replace the spark plugs regardless of how they look. 90% of the time that is the problem, and these small plugs foul easily, and are difficult to visually inspect. 6000 rpms is typical for a ski running on 3 cylinders.

    2. Check the oil level to be sure you haven't overfilled it.............It needs to be checked with the engine hot.

    3. Check the air filter to be sure there is no oil on it. If the oil is overfilled it can be pushed through the breather hose into the air box and ruin the air filter. Even a little oil on the filter will decrease performance. You can run the ski without the filter.

    4. If the above check out: pull the plugs after running the ski and look for a wet one. Check the ignition coil on that cylinder.

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