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    Rule 750 mounting location in RXP... without epoxy?

    I'm planning on installing at least one (and probably two) Rule 750A bilge pumps in my '06 RXP. From the threads I've read, It seems the easiest mounting approach is to epoxy them directly to the hull. However, all the online reviews I read about these pumps is that they tend to die within a year or two... which is OK, since they have a 3 year warranty.

    So I'm hoping for some ideas as to how to mount it without epoxy, so the inevitable removal and replacement is a bit easier.

    Pics would be helpful. Thanks!

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    I mounted mine with the "right stuff", automotive stores sell it. But if you want to epoxy it in I believe that the bottom section of the pump (which is nothing more than a screen to keep debris out) stays in the hull and you remove the actual pump and just unclip the old pump and install a new one (pump) in the part that's left in the hull.

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