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    2000 Ultra150 just shut off while cruising.

    Well had a odd situation today. Was out cruising about 3 miles from home and the engine just shut off.

    Now I know my battery was low, it just had enough to start it, so I went for the cruise to charge it up a bit.

    It was running perfect, about a 1/3 of a tank of gas, no warnings, pissers pissing.

    i was reving around 5500 rpm and it without warning dropped to zero, no miss nothing, just like I had shut it off. Display was still on. Come to think of it, it was just like I had pulled the lanyard.

    i tried to restart, but the battery barely turned the engine over.

    Luckily I was only in 3 feet of water. I pushed it for 5 min and figured I would try again. It cranked slow but started. Went straight home and everything ran fine.
    Pulled the battery and put it in the charger.

    Its just like I had pulled the lanyard but it was in the post and I restarted it without removing it.
    Lucky, no one was around and pushing the ski 3 miles was not in the cards. I do carry a VHF but did not need it today.

    so I'm going to clean up all the power connections and charge the battery. Anything else I should check?

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    Check the power connections, check if the engine is getting oil, make sure your gasoline was premium if you run premium.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dialga View Post
    Check the power connections, check if the engine is getting oil, make sure your gasoline was premium if you run premium.

    Only ever fun 94 octane. Oils working.
    Od thing is, after it did it, it ran fine for the 3 mile ride home (my brain saying, don't stop don't stop all the way) and once I was near my dock, I ran it around at all kinds of speed and turns and no issues. Wot was there and sounded fine, rpms perfect, power all there.

    This is a 1350 BB machine.

    Im going to look at the lanyard and switch, it sure acted like I had pulled it, the weak battery was just a side effect. I can't blame the battery, its 13 years old so, even though it tested fine today after a charge, I'll replace it. Charging must be working on the ski, it would never have made it home.

    i checked the spark plugs, and compression and scoped the cylinders, no issues.
    There was a lot of lake grass in the Groco filter, but engine shoes no signs of getting hot and it ran fine after it restarted.

    I had just replaced the fuel module but it died so fast, not a sputter or laboured die, or odd noise. Just off.
    Ultras have a distinctive engine sounds at certain rpm, it sounded as it should before and after.
    i thought maybe the fuel pickup was at a different height in the new module, but again I did not switch to reserve and it ran for 45 min after the issue with no problems.

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    Battery 13 years old...yep it's time to replace that thing. Get a really good one, like a Odyssey or Deka.

    I have had a couple of incidents with the lanyard switch like you were mentioning. Never had one shut down while running, they just wouldn't crank back up after being shut down. Changed out battery's at the lake and checked connections to no avail both times. Pulled them out and took them home to dianose the lanyard switch not making full contact.
    The first thing I do now is grab it with my fingers and pull out on it a few times and then try it again.

    On one of my 15F's I have to use the slightly thicker lanyard key or else it tends to not work every once in a while.

    "Now" it is also a part of my maintenance to open it up and make sure all the contacts in there are clean and making contact.
    Experience, especially a bad experience, is oftentimes a great teacher.

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    Damn, 13 years old? I only got 9 years on my battery... Probably would have gotten more but my battery charger failed.

    Put a voltmeter on the battery for grins. Should be ~12.6 volts.

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    Will I put the battery on my charger, came right up and spun the engine over and volts were over 12 while cranking.
    Well 13 years, I decided not worth the risk, got the exact Yasha battery that it came with. Can't complain on them cause it lasted 13 years(and still going).
    Put in the new one, fired up instantly and rode perfect for 2 hrs. I must admit, I think I have the easiest starting ultra, it can sit over nite, in the morning it starts within a second, on the water instantly. Only if it sits a week will it need choke and crank for 5 sec.

    I did clean all the cables ends and add dielectric grease. Checked all other connections. Nothing looked bad or loose.
    Moved the lanyard all over the place while running, worked fine.

    All I can think of is the battery just shorted a cell and the voltage dropped below what the Cdi needed and it shut down.

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    Ah, great to hear that it's up and going again.

    I agree, you do have a easy start Ultra. My 1200 motor is a bit more like me...slow to get started up and going after sitting for a while and can be contrary some times.

    I'm still amazed that the plates inside any battery can hold up to all the banging and jarring a battery goes through inside a jet ski hull.

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