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    Any other ski like mine ?

    Hi first post. I have a 1993 sl750 polaris 2 seater. My wife has a 1993 gtx 3 seater. I find the 3 seater just plain boring and way to stable compared to the polaris. The polaris sits pretty low in the water and one of the tricks I found to be the most fun is leaning forward until the nose drops in the water . Then give it some gas and pretty much run partially submerged with just the intake sticking out or go all the way and run submerged with just the bars and my head out. Of course just for a 5 to 10 seconds fully under as the hull is filling up during this . Tipping down and blasting a spout straight up is good for show as well. I got the polaris thrown in on the deal for the seadoo so I have nothing into it . From research I guess you just junk them when the engine blows and although I have nearly 50 hours on it with zero problems Im sure its just a matter of time before I need a replacement.
    My question is is there any other brand 2 seater that is capable of submerging like the sl750? Most of the videos I see on youtube are people bouncing on the water to nose it in for just a second or two at speed but thats not really submarining. Ive heard a seadoo xp might be the closest thing. My budget is less than $1500.
    Thanks and post up vids if you have any . Ill take the helmet cam out next time and show what I mean.

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    Just get another Polaris. Get a 94 or 95 though. They have a better pump. Or get a 96 or 97 SL 780. What research says you just junk them? Check out the Polaris section here, there are a bunch of us who still love those skis, and very easily keep them running.

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