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    Question Lost fire on xlt yam 1200

    Hey guys, I gotta 01 yam xlt 1200 pv that was running great and after 6-7 was riding it and it just quit. Wat I now have is no fire at plugs. I push the start button and nothing happens, not even starter relay will click. But if I jump the relay the starter will turn and the beast will crank over, but without fire. I check the start button and have power to the solenoid. Wen I push the start button I can hear the CDI make a hissing noise and that's it. It sounds like air leaking from a tire. So, do u guys think it could b CDI or generator/stator that has gone bad? Does anyone have the specs on how to check the CDI and generator/stator? Also do u guys think the starter relay/solenoid could b bad or does the CDI control part of the relay? Any knowledge would b great ? Thanx guys!!

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    check start stop on handle bars in front hatch .if you jump .hot side 2 pin wire going to box see if it turns over .if it doesnt try un pluging black 2 pin plug this is the kill system try again. it will not die till you plug this back up .it will not fire if stop system is bad .but if it still does nothing.its proubly your relay. on relay you should have power on one relay post hit button on handle bar it should have power on other red wire the button is just like jumping the relay. un plug kill wires and try it again if it fires it is the stop start switch asembly if it does nothing you have a bad will not spark if the stop system black plug is bad even if you jump relay but it will turn over. if this helps fix it .if it does not spark afer these test replace cdi . hope this helps . if you jump relay with kill unpluged it will spark remember will not die till pluged back up have a nice day

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    Thanx for the tips man! I checked everything and then replaced the starter relay and the beast started right up. Again thanx for the info

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