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    Convince me to buy a seadoo.....

    Im a Yamaha fan but found these on CL

    Would like to know if there worth buying. I would fix these if I were to buy them. Would like to know your opinions on these.

    thanks in advance

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    I dont know..looks like they need alot of work, outside stuff is faded, the top of the one motor is rusted..has ceramic S/C clutches that were known to break (if they did the motor would need to be pulled, flushed and checked over), and weak valves..$4500 seems like alot to me. I would offer 3K..

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    Those need a LOT of work, in the end your probably best off getting a working one. 4 Tec's are expensive to fix too.

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    yeah I thought they looked a little rough also. Right now my buddy and I have two good running yamaha 2 strokes so I don't know if I want to take these on. I was more curious if you guys thought these would have been a good buy even if they need full rebuilds

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    I love taking on projects like these but past experience tells me the little bits and pieces needed add up fast. Unless you can get them cheap enough and don't mind putting in the time to source parts etc I would pass on them.

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    If he has no idea if they run or start, I would offer $500 each and $500 for the trailer....You could be in for many $$$$$$$$$$$$ to fix if they are blown up

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