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Thread: im new here =]

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    im new here =]

    Hi im new here. My name is Kiel (pronounced Kyle) and I live in the metro Detroit area. I own a 2005 seadoo rxp all stock. I was wondering if I could get some help with recommendations with some performance modifications. What should I buy that will help my performance but will not require an over amount of money/running. I am right now looking to lightly modify my ski. I want it to be fast but reliable. Any help would be great! Also if anyone is ever looking for someone to ride I am always down! Thanks for the help guys!

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    Money/tunning* sorry autocorrect

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    Welcome to Greenhulk.

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    you came to the right place for info
    search for "free mods" .....they do help

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    Welcome to GH. Great site, lots of info and people to help you.

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    Hey, Kiel. Welcome to Greenhulk. I'm new here, too - but just slightly less new than you. I've had just enough time to wonder pretty much all the same things you've wondered, order a few parts, and literally started installing them today.

    I also have RXPs (2006), so you and are are probably considering similar mods. My goal is the same as yours: faster, but still reliable. I only ride recreationally, so I only want to wrench on my ski when I feel like it -- rather than being forced to because something breaks.

    You'll get lots of opinions, but here's what I'm doing:

    1) Yank your supercharger, remove the ceramic washers, and put the updated metal ones in. I've already ordered the parts, and am sending both my chargers to Jerry for the swap. (CHeck the HowTo Section for removal, and Google "greenhulk supercharger rebuild" for details on sending to Jerry).

    2) Upgrade incoming air: I went with a 4" rear intake, but a highly recommend and economical air intake upgrade is the Kanaflex 4" project (check the How To Section for that). You'll also need a catch can if you do an air intake (there are DIY ones in the HowTo section, or you can spring for a Fizzle or Riva).

    3) Upgrade incoming water: I went with a Riva intake grate, but the R&D ones also have fans around here. I also opted for the optional girdle, which helps hold the intake grate in place better.

    4) Upgrade outgoing air: I haven't touched my exhaust yet, but if you search my recent posts you'll see the exhaust discussion I recently had, where I decided to upgrade to an 08+ mid pipe setup, Riva waterbox, and thru-hull exhaust kit.

    5) Upgrade handling: I'm removing the O.P.A.S. system and installing block offs. This reportedly increases handling. I'm sticking with the stock sponsons, however. I like the looks of the Rivas, but I notice a lot of people seems to sell theirs and go back to stock.

    6) Upgrade supercharger: You can drop in an upgraded supercharger wheel into your existing housing, but my plan is just to purchase a stock RXP-X supercharger, which will provide a LOT more power for little headache.

    7) Upgrade fuel system: The sky's the limit here, with custom tuned air/fuel systems, etc. But all I plan on doing is putting larger injectors (42lb) in when I put the new supercharger in.

    8: Upgrade outgoing water: Modifying how much water goes through your pump, and how it goes through, is another place for gains. Concerning impellers, the more "aggressive" pitched impellers (such as a 15/20) require more power to turn, so for now I'm doing a "minor" upgrade and installing a 14/19 one. Once I get the new supercharger and fuel injectors, I'll step up to the 15/20. I'm also installing a pump wedge to change angle of the pump assembly by 2 degrees. As I understand it, this is designed to put less of the ski in the water, reducing drag, and increasing speed.

    There are plenty of other mods, but based on my lurking and asking, I think those are going to get me where I want to be. Any of the more experienced modders can correct anything I've said above that's wrong.

    Get comfy, read as many of the HowTos as you can, and don't be afraid to ask questions and try stuff out. Good luck, and have fun!

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    Steve if I where you I would go for the et 127 wheel over the x charger

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    Go x charger then you can always upgrade to the 137 or 140 wheels
    x charger is a solid charger, guys over 80 mph on a stock x

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