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    gp800r dropped powervalve shortly after dealer rebuilt my carburetors

    Ok so I brought my 2002 Yamaha gp800r in because it wouldn't go over 3500rpm and it would just bogg down after that. So the dealer told me the carbs are gummed up and need to be rebuilt. I said fine and that's what they did. We run this thing on the hose once a month if we don't use it and use stabilizer and apparently they still got messed up. Hard to believe but ok. So they took about 3 times as long as they told me it would to fix it. I get the jet ski back finally and take it out and it runs pretty good. I noticed a few things. The idle was set kind of low, and it seemed to me the ski was low on power and it wasn't quite going as fast as it did when it was running correctly. Plus it would bogg down if you gave it full throttle off idle. It would only hit 50mph when it used to do 62mph. I don't weigh much. So overall it ran good and I thought the carbs just needed to be adjusted a little bit more. So I let my brother take it out after I did and he didn't have any problems and said it stalled once cause the idle was kind of low. So I said for 800 dollars this thing should run perfect and I called the dealer back and told them the ski still isn't running right. So about a week or so later I finally got some time to run it back up there and I decided to take it out again before bringing it in just so I could see what exactly it's doing and if it maybe got better. So this time I take it out and it runs perfect idling through the channel to the lake and I get to open water and I give it more gas and it did the same thing as before I had the carbs done. It would go to 3500rpm and bogg down. So I turned right around and took it back to the dealer and they looked into it for a week or so and they come back and tell me the engine dropped a power valve and it destroyed that piston and cylinder and I need a new engine now. This is after they cleaned out the carbs 3 more times and took it for more test drives still having the bogging issue. This just sounds fishy to me. I've heard the power valves are prone to failure on this engine but what are the chances that it failed shortly after I had them clean the carbs? I feel like this dealer screwed me over and this was the problem all along. So now im out the 800 dollars for the carb job along with another $3000 or however much it is for a new engine. The engine sounded fine to me and sure didn't sound like I had a metal in the cylinder since it ran great all the way back to the channel. I usually don't even idle it I run it 200-2500 rpm through the no wake zones and ran smooth. So I guess it failed somehow when the dealer was trouble shooting it. What do you guys think? I think they messed it up imo. What should I do?

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    I just wanted to bump up the thread. Anyone have any opinions?

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    First, I dont really know what to tell you but I hope this helps. Your ski is 11 years old so take that into consideration. It is not worth $3000+ to get it repaired - for that price you can get a GP12R.

    Second, proving the dealership is in the wrong is going to be tough. It would be much much easier if the ski was under warantee because the repair would then be backed by Yamaha (WHich the dealer will fight for you on) but since it's your word against theirs it might be a battle.

    You say the engine was bogging at 3500rpm. Was this due to the powervalve dropping? If it was, then you can say to the dealer that the work they did on the carb was unrelated to the powervalve dropping. At the very least they should refund you the $800 for their first-attempt at a repair did not solve the problem. My guess is that is what they will tell you they are willing to do - but you'll still have to pay in full to get the engine repaired - if it was the original problem - $3000. Its hard to say really. Sometimes talking to the service person or tech wont get you far - you might want to talk to the manager if you have to.

    If it were me, I'd get my $800 back, take that $800 and get an engine from SBT. The GP800r should be less than anything they are quoting you from an aftermarket engine build company. The season is almost over and you'll have plenty of time to work out and learn how to do the swap yourself. Depending on how much you love your ski you should decide if you want to maintain it yourself, pay dealership premiums, or sell it off. If you get your $800 back, you can sell a lot for parts or whole and plus some to recoupe your losses.

    Now if you think the dealership caused the powervalve to drop on purpose, deliberately, or under a false notion or prosumptino - then prepare to go into battle. Dealerships can be slick, sly, and cunning. Most are in the business to make money not lose it.

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    I always check the power valves when I'm doing a carb job because they always seem to go bad around the same time. (That and the catcon which is only on the 1200 and 1300) I think you did need the carbs done but the valves were in bad shape also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GGG View Post
    I always check the power valves when I'm doing a carb job because they always seem to go bad around the same time. (That and the catcon which is only on the 1200 and 1300) I think you did need the carbs done but the valves were in bad shape also.
    Aren't these valves just on the side of the motor? They were like well we had no way of knowing the condition of the power valves and also we didn't take care of the ski properly because every two years they need to be cleaned. Makes no sense. I paid them to diagnose what was wrong with it. You would think they would have known this is a common problem with this ski and looked into it.

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    You would have to pull the exhaust to check the pv's you can rebuild that whole topend for around a grand.

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    We are going to have them tear down the engine and probably end up doing a top end rebuild on it depending on how the engine is damaged. The ski only has 90hrs on it. I've heard about these wave eater clips. Will the dealer know to install these clips on the power valves this time around? I don't even know if they have them now.

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    I hate when stealerships tell you that you need a brand new engine when there's some damage in there. If you inspected everything yourself, I am sure you would spend less then half of that money in repairing that engine rather then just buying a new one.

    Also, $800 to service carbs is a COMPLETE rip off. A carb rebuild per carb is $50, $150 for a gp1200r and in your case 2 x $50=$100 for a gp800r. It takes about 1hr to remove carbs from an engine and maybe another 1-2hrs rebuilding. You could of saved yourself a LOT of money by doing it yourself.

    To stay on topic...if your symptoms happened before and after the stealership, you need to demand your money back.

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