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    Thinking about some older RXT's.

    So, I'm looking at a couple of 06 RXT's. They have about 20 hours a piece on them. He wants 10k. Completely stock. Low hours don't mean they're in good condition. I have not yet taken a look at them in person but the current owners don't know much about them. When I ask questions, I get partial answers. I said something about the S/C's and he said the local guy checked them out and he said everything looked good. The guy didn't know anything about the S/C issue but yet he told the owner everything is okay??? Sounds fishy. Thanks to the members here at the Hulk, not only the S/C issue but the exhaust valve issue and the flywheel bolts. If these owners didn't take care of anything, I imagine the S/C's are okay but the washers will need changing, probably a complete rebuild would be a better option. I assume the same could be said about the flywheel bolts. Depending on whether or not he took care of the skis would depend on if I could even read the number on the exhaust valves if I were to pull the heads and inspect them. Thanks to you folks on this site, I recognized quite a few things that otherwise could have cost me a lot of money in the future. I'm on the fence with these things. I am going to take a look at them soon with my handy compression tester. If I only had a borescope....

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    Might be worth paying a shop to go through them for a few hundred bucks. 20hrs on 2006 is extremely low. I'd question why so low. That is like 2-3 hours a year only. That's about one tank a gas a year. Using them that little I'm not sure why one would even buy them in the first place. Just make sure something wasn't messed with to show 20 hours.

    Otherwise it seems like you know what your looking at.

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    pull out some oil and look @ it. look at the motor mounts. Get a small mirror and look for corrosion. Water test em. You pass all 3 get em. Motor mounts are just a dead give away for corrosion

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