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    2011 Seadoo Wake 155 electrical issue?

    Hey guys,

    I recently got a used 2011 Wake 155 from a Yamaha dealership in my area. While at the dealership they looked up the year/model and let me know there was a minor recall (some type of electrical update) for the ski.

    I took it home and rode it for a short while with NO issues at all. It started and ran great!

    After a few hours, I brought it into the Seadoo dealership to have the recall taken care of. Once I got the ski back, I'm now having two issues with the what I assume is the electrical system that were not an issue before this recall.

    1.) When I put the key in, the ski will not consistently beep like normal to let me know it read the key and is ready to start. Now, it will sometimes beep and sometimes remain silent. The strange thing is that even when it does not beep, it will still sometimes start just fine.

    2.) The much bigger issue is that when I am riding along and let go of the throttle, the engine still seems to be giving it some lesser amount of throttle. This causes the ski to slow down, but not nearly like it should. The ski will end up quitting that extra throttle in a few seconds. Or, I can apply the brake to end that little throttle the engine still seems to be giving the ski. It is alarming as it prevents the ski from slowing down even close to as quickly as it should.

    This only happens on occasion and I don't know what might be causing it. It seems completely random. Over the course of 3/4 hours of riding, it probably only happened 5/6 times.

    I brought the ski back to the same dealership ---

    After they checked the ski, I was told they coudn't find anything wrong with it. They could not recreate the problem, even after putting it in the water (I assume while still at the dealership). They also couldn't find any error codes when checking the system.

    When I brought up the question of the key not triggering the beeping consistently, they asked me if I was pressing the start button before attaching the key. When I said "no, I just attach the key", they said that is the problem. They said I am supposed to press the start/stop button FIRST and THEN attach the key...and then press the start/stop button again to start the ski?!?!

    So my questions are:

    1.) Any idea what could possibly cause this additional throttle issue after I completely let off the throttle?

    2.) Are you really suppose to start the ski the way they said (Press start/stop, then attach key, the press start/stop)?

    Thanks guys!

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    Are you turning the handle bars when you get the throttle issue??

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    I'm not sure actually. Would that possibly have something to do with it?

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    I always press start button once and then wiggle the desskey until I get two beeps.

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    yes you should power up the ski with the start button then put key on and get 2 beeps then start.
    if you go in a straight line then let off the throttle and turn the bars the off power steering sensor(OPAS) in the handlebars will make the engine rev up slightly to make the ski turn usually it will keep revving till you straighten the bars again.

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    ^^^ hmmmm, there is a chance this could have been what I was experiencing. Could it have NOT been doing this before, and was "corrected" by the factory electrical recall? That could explain why I only noticed this happening after the recall AND why the dealership is telling me that they can't find any problem with the ski.

    I don't know if it was only happening while turning after releasing the throttle or not, but I will definitely pay attention next time this happens.

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