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    Hi I'm Crazy. Come in and HELP me

    got myself quite the project... Mechanically inclined but a virgin to the jet ski world. Still I decided to try my luck at getting this beauty back on the water.

    its a 2000 gp1200r that im now finding has been mod'ed quite a bit.

    this i discovered towards the rear of the boat... seems a sensor is suppose to be installed here but for some reason this hose setup was put here... can someone tell me why? and if it needs to be changed up?

    also on the carb there was this spring by the throttle cable? again can someone tell me if this is ok and why was this done?

    the ski had been converted to premix and the back story is a family member asked to ride it and thought id be a nice gesture to full up the ski at the dock pumps... after that day its been sitting for 3 yrs.

    id appreciate any and all help, advise, and shared knowledge as i promise it will not be falling on deaf ears.

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    classic money pit and shade tree mechanics.

    I'd part it out as the amount of real money and real labor tht is going to go into making that ski water ready would scare off most forum members (me included)

    as a reminder to others..converting to premix?..LABEL THE FUEL FILL OR ELSE!

    what hapened to this ski is my number on argument against a premix conversion. Regular maintenace of the oilers can prevent heartbreak.

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    far from a mechanic sorry if my comment of being "mechanically inclined" came off that way

    just a kid trying to get into a jetski and learning how to work on them so i can be a "good owner" ect.

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    That ski looks like it sank at some point. Unfortunately it will cost you thousands to get it back running and thats if the carbs are able to be even rebuilt. Looking at them I would think most likely not. You gonna need a new crank, pistons rings bearing gaskets, and thats just the engine core, your jetpump and intermediate will be another thing you will have to investigate to see what condition its in.
    There are tons of sticky threads above you should start reading and educating on this stuff. From being on the forum for years your gonna get slammed for asking the simple stuff before doing any thing with the search button. Its just the way its been on here. So welcome to the forum read above and start doing some searching here I promise you everything is here for you to find and if at the end something doesnt make sense we are here to help!

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    I'd suggest buying something that is running to learn the basics. You can learn quite a bit from tearing this Yamaha down and selling the pats off, but this sort of project is not one I'd suggest. Now the hot deal would be top buy the identical ski, but a runner..then you have a ready supply of spare parts. Stuff like electrics costs lots, and they do not go bad when an engine is run without oil/ Same thing with the jet pump. If it's in serviceable condition, it's worth money.

    With some luck you'll learn a lot and make a couple of dollars in the process.

    So my parting tips for the mechanically inclined....

    when working always pull wrench's..never push them.
    Never use a screwdriver as a scraper or for anything other then turning screws
    Wear safety glasses, even when you think you don't need em.

    oh yeah..welcome to GH.

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    Hello and welcome to GH, I have to admit the prior comments are very true ... what you have there is a big $$$ money pit. I say this with all sincereity ..take it all a part and sell off what you can ... you will gain a great deal of knowledge of how all the parts go together and you will get a real feel for what you can do with your wrenching skill sets. That hose you showed is what is left of a Hole Shot kit ... yes there was a one-way flow valve @ one time on there. With out it ... pretty good chance your engine had @ some time very very hot (Bad ju ju). Please pass on this as a serviceable ski you will be glad you did. Good Luck

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    I would part out what you can of the engine, and buy a used motor off here. If it's heavily modded he might get enough off the aftermarket parts.

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    thanks everyone for the input... plan B is to part it out but so far plan A is still an option

    opened her up and here is what I found so far.

    not pitted just a little detonation

    seems the middle cylinder had been previously FUBAR and replaced with a wesco and the 2 outside ones where left stock

    crank spins freely with no binding and all of the piston rings are intact
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    pistons are shot, looks like a light seize. The cylinders would need to be re nicked at 250/cylinder. Heads ok crank I would send out and get checked or throw a new one in., Big thing is those carbs. Have some one rebuild them. WFO/island racing are two that to this job. REbuild will cost you 250 or 350 I think and thats if they dont find anything.

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    scittb: light seize seems to be my guess too... the good thing is it doesn't seem like they really tried to force the issue after it died because the damage in this area is way less then I thought I was in for.

    the crank spins very effortlessly and the cases look clean of any gunk, shavings ect.

    right now my main thing is the pistons and cylinders and figuring out what route would be best while keeping it as reliable as possible.

    I'm leaning towards wesco pistons at them moment.

    once I mule over the prices ill be able to make a better decision as to what will become of this sea horse

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