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    Do you wear a helmet?

    I was just wondering how many people wear a helmet when the ride. Obviously you want to waer one when racing, but what about normal play?

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    We don't. But on our virgin voyage, we saw a guy in a small jon boat wearing one. We axed him about it and he said he uses it so that he can bluetooth his music to it and actually hear it.

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    Haha, thats funny! I have a waterproof iPod, but you really have to crank it up to hear well. Makes sense

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    I do during winter riding. Keeps my face and ears warm.

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    I have both a helmet and neck brace I wear both if I plan on speed runs ... and certainly when racing. Any time I am tuning and running over 65 + I always wear my gear ... helmet, goggles, gloves, neck brace and either a shorty or long john suit. Truss me it only takes one bad fall ... like when you hook a high speed turn and before you know it your doing a peter pan ! Ha Ha My wife thinks I look funny with all the gear on ... but I come home safe every time !! Good Luck

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    All the time on my superjet!

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    Every ride......dont leave home with out it ....,, there are reasons why my screen name is what it is Lol

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    Mine saved my life in a motorcycle accident, get a full face quality helmet, they don't call them brain buckets for no reason. Run as fast as you can head first into a cement wall and you'll be a believer. Heck even the NFL is working on better helmets! Finally ask a doctor if they still have spare brains for your model year.

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    I usually only wear when I race, but I should wear it more as rec riding for me usually turns into racing lol. A friend of mine at a race came off in my jet wash going about 65 to 70 and broke his neck last year. He was wearing a neck brace and helmet. Kinda make you think about how often you are going 70 plus just rec riding.

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    Do you ride the short bus?

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