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    1997 SL 1050 Ignition Problems

    I have a 1997 SL 1050 with 144 hours and 120psi on all three cylinders.

    The ski starts up just fine, however it is running on about 1.5 cylinders. When you accelerate the motor it is obvious that it is just running on one cylinder.

    The Mag cylinder fires fine
    The CEN cylinder fires sometimes
    The PTo cylinder never fires.

    I have spark on all three cylinders. It appears to be a weak spark from what I can tell.

    I replaced all three spark plugs with NGK BPR8ES. Did not make a difference.

    I trimmed back the spark plug wires and reconnected them on the spark plug boot. Did not make a difference.
    I did not trim back the spark plug wires on the Coil end.

    Inspecting the carburetors while the engine was running,
    MAG looked fine
    CEN looked fine
    PTO looked like the gas vapor was moving back and forth in the carburetor.
    My thought was that I possibly had a broken/bad reed valve. Removed the carburetors and the reed valves looked fine. No gaps, etc.

    I decided to rebuild the carburetors thinking that there might be a carburetion issue. Carburetors were pretty clean inside, I did a rebuild kit on each carb. I also replaced all of the Grey fuel hose with black fuel hose. Started it back up and CEN carb and PTO card appeared to have better fuel flow, however, I still had the problem of the PTO carb moving the vapor in/out of the carburetor. I am guessing this is because the cylinder is not firing.

    Next I started reading on these forums about faulty CDI modules and stators. I verified that I have the original coil, stator, and CDI. I performed a test on the stator with an ohmeter and all of the resistance values match what is shown in my repair manual.

    I then performed a test on the coils with the spark plug wires. All of these tested out fine also. I reconnected everything and checked my battery voltage, it was a little low from starting the ski and testing so much. However I had a brand new battery so I installed it also. This did not make a difference.

    I also removed one wire that was supposed to be a rev limiter. This did not make a difference.

    The last test that I can perform is a the one that involves a 9V battery (Hall Effect Sensor Testing). I have not tried this test yet. I have called several Polaris dealers and nobody wants to touch it with a 10 foot pole. They all tell me the iginition upgrade kit has been discontinued. A couple of them advised me to part out the ski.

    I found an iginition upgrade kit online for $800. I dont think the ski is worth pulling the motor to replace the stator and putting that kind of money into the ski.

    Im looking for any suggestions?

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    If your stator Ohmed out OK, it could still be something it n the CDI look for a non updated CDI on ebay, that may fix it for the time being? there is no way to test a CDI just change it out with a known good one

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