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    Help with a 96 Kawasaki sts

    Ok I purchased a 96 Kawasaki 750 STS and am having some issues. 1st Issue---motor starts and idles and will go for a couple of seconds at WOT then start to surge between 5 and 7500 RPMs or somewhere in there. You can hit the choke and it will get up and go for about 2 seconds and get back to the surge as it seems to struggle for gas. Sounds like fuel so I took it back to the garage and checked ignition, compression and drained old gas. Compression was about 130 on both and had good spark gap on gap tester. Felt like it was just a carb/fuel pump problem so I purchased a kit and rebuilt carb. Carb was clean but I rebuilt it anyway and started looking for air leaks between the tank and carb. Found the gasket on the fuel cap had a bad seal so replaced it. Soaped the rest of the hoses and found no leaks as I blew into the return line to pressurize the tank. Still surges. 2nd Issue---During my inspection and having my head down by the motor found an oil line with a knot in it not attached to anything. Hoping that it just fell off during my rooting around I looked for where to attach. Maybe an air leak is the nipple for the oil hose? Cannot find where it goes. Went to ebay and got the factory manual for my ski and it shows only 1 nipple off the oil pump going to the manifold under the single carb. My oil pump has 2 nipples and hoses, one is already going to the manifold. So back to the internet and look up an illustrated parts breakdown for a 96 sts and it shows 2 carbs with 2 tubes coming off the oil pump attaching to the carbs. I only have 1 carb. Anyone got an idea? Thanks in advance Skippy!!!

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    Please don't ask the same question multiple times! Give us a chance to answer!

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    Sorry, I did not think the 1st post went thru. My bad

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    I had a similiar problem . Mine is a 96 sts 750. Has the dual carbs. I removed the fuel inlet on the mag carb and hooked a hose to the carburator and hit it with air from my air hose. then did the same with my inlet on the pto cyclinder. Gas should spray when you do this down into the carbs. You will see it. Fired it up and problem solved. I think I have contaminated fuel . I got gas from a shell here locally at the same time for my jet ski and my boat. \Went out on the ski and it started running like you described. Came back and took the boat out and 20 minutes later my boat did the same damn thing. I just finished cleaning my carbs on the boat and its running again...

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