Hey, been reading on these forums for years now digging up info on different skis that I've been working on. Finally came across an issue that I haven't seen on here or anywhere else before. I have a 2002 Polaris Virage that I've been having issues with. Initially I was getting no spark at all unless I pressed the bilge button. I replaced the LR-505 module and then I was able to get spark, but it was weak. I tested my ignition coil and found the numbers to be lower than specs posted on here, so I replaced it. After installing the new coil, I had good white hot spark, and the ski fired right up. The issue I was having after that was that it wouldn't rev up near like it should (as if hitting the rev limiter). After this, I unhooked the battery, bolted down everything in it's place in the electrical box, and hooked the battery back up. I am getting no spark at all again. I started testing all of the circuits, and found some low ohm readings inside of the stator, in addition to that, I found that on the brown wire to the stator, instead of having the 8-9 volts that I was expecting, I'm seeing between 14 and 18 volts while cranking. I was wondering exactly where this voltage comes from. I know that the signal comes from the CDI, but would the issue be that the CDI is not regulating this voltage properly, or could this high voltage be coming from the stator, or possibly the voltage regulator? Thanks in advance for the help.