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    RXT w/wedge, riva grate, ss ring vs stock RXT gps but had a decent day so took the skis out.

    Mid to upper fifties...water in the low forties...light breeze, protected areas of glass but mostly slight to medium chop.

    Both skis had topped off tanks. I'm push'n 200lbs, my little girl tips the scales at a buck and a quarter. The first heat on glass just after the skis were warmed up...I gave her the call...she and the stock ski jumped the start but I caught her after a coupla hundred yards then slowly pulled away...big grin on my face.

    A few hours later...1 bar of fuel each...same spot as first thing in the a.m. This time I jumped the gun and she walked away from me...sht.

    No real definitive answers for me today...more questions really...Not choppy enough to run real hard and find out for myself which is fastest in the rough....besides....when the water get rough she gets a little skeery...and it was way too cold for swimming today.

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    When I installed the 2 degree wedge and Riva grate on my friends `05 RXT it was a night and day difference. Noticeable speed increase on the top and seemed to handle better as well. He couldn`t come close to keeping up with a stock RXP but after could. I had also done reverse bucket mod at that time.

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    I trimmed my reverse bucket as well. I didn't trim as much as I've seen others do. The reason being...the jet would seem to clear what I'd done....maybe I need a little more clearance.

    On the topic of reverse buckets...did you have to change the length of the linkage cable? My bucket seem to hit a stop and the selecter handle isn't depressed as far as before the wedge.

    Another handle bars don't seem to be aligned with my direction of travel...not alot, just a little...maybe I wasn't completely/perfectly centered before the mod and the wedge has exacerbated the problem? Just wondering if you or anyone else has run into this sort of problem...

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    You are going to need to adjust steering. In the tech forum there is an awsome write up on it. Its very easy to do and done under handle bars.

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    I figured it'd be something along those lines.


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    As far as the lever sticking up,you need to adjust the cable(at pump)by adding the wedge, you've effectively "shortened" the cable....

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    Here's the link to steering adjustment (VERY good writeup by Steve!)...

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    I've been gone for a while...thanks all for the info.

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