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    MSX 150 Will not run over 40

    Starts and runs, just wont run fast.

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    What RPM are you seeing in the water?

    Does it rev freely out of the water?

    What exactly are the problem symptoms?

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    jet pump wore out - impeller clearance out of spec

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    It will run good. just does not take off fast. 40mph is all that it will do.
    RPMs 5300 in water. Will go higher out of water.
    It starts fine, idles fine, just no kick!

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    I'll repost what I wrote in your other post (that one seems to have been hijacked).

    Could be a boost leak. Check all your hoses and your Blow-off valve (BOV). A loose hose that slipped off or a cut/slice in a hose will let the boost out and the engine won't be able to make full power/boost/rpm/speed.

    Do you hear a loud hissing or honking sound when you try to go full throttle?

    It could also be a bad wastegate solenoid. If it's failed in the closed/unpowered state... then you won't get above ~6psi max boost... which when I've done it... is around 5300 RPMs... and about 40-ish mph. So... that could be a real possibility.

    Are the boost lines from turbo > wastegate solenoid > wastegate actuator plumbed correct?

    Do you have the original wastegate solenoid that is attached to the side of the turbo (by the airbox)... or the newer style attached to a bracket on the valve cover?

    Lastly... I'd pull the plugs... check condition. Then do a compression test.

    Report back what you find and we'll try to help.


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