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    Warning light on 2007 Yamaha vx cruiser

    I just bought this ski and after about an hour of running I went into rough water an the warning light and sound went off. Everything was running great even after the warning as It would shut off after the ski was powered down for a few mins. When back home read a manual and it indicated oil issues. The only thing I see is the resivoir is too full. The oil level is above the high mark. Any thoughts. Help please as this is my first ski.

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    Start off by making sure the oil level is correct. Needs to be checked with ski level & oil HOT. I would say always keep it just under the top mark when hot. You can not get an oil level reading with the oil cold on these.........can sometimes not even register on the stick, yet oil level will be correct when hot!! Also if you think the ski has been running with overfilled oil, check the air filter as this can get saturated by the oil vent.

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    suck out the extra oil and make sure its between the two lines.

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