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    Question 99 polaris genesis 1200 help!!!

    Ok I'm new to this forum, so bare with me, I brought an 99 polaris genesis 1200 (carb model) back in march, at the place when I brought it from it started up and seemed to run fine, but only could hear it run just for a few seconds cause didn't have no way to hook it up to a hose. Anyhow after getting it home and I didn't have time to mess with it for a couple of weeks, but when I did get an chance I took it out backed it down in the lake and started it up, well tried to start it up, as long I kept pumping the gas it would tried to fire up and when it did run for a few secs it sounded as it was missing bad. So took it bad home checked all plugs, all good, checked compression, the first cyclinder had nothing and the back two had 130 psi on each. So I then took head off first cylinder and the piston was cracked/broke off on the exhaust side, checked around and found on this forum that I could just redo one cylinder, so I then had to buy 85mm piston bore and have the cylinder bored out, put all back together , also cleaned and rebuilt carbs, then hooked water up to it and it started up ran fine idled ok, figure the carbs just needed little more tuneing, so next day took it back out to lake and ran it up the lake, ran fine for about 20 mins and it started acting funny, and started missing, so got it loaded back up and came home checked all plugs again all looked to be hitting ok, check compression and the first cylinder and second cylinder was good, but the back cylinder had none so took head off back cylinder and it was an Identical match to the first cylinder it broke/ busted off on the exhaust side, I then decided to go ahead and rebuild this cylinder and the center cylinder. When I got into the center cylinder notice that the rings has seized up, Anyhow ordered two new wisco pistons (same as the first one) and had cylinders bored, checked rods and crank while I had jugs off, all seem to be good. Put all back together, started up idled good. Took to lake ran it for about almost 3 hours, ran good until up to the last 20 mins and it just lost power and quit. Try to crank it once and sounded as if the battery didn't have enough volts to crank it over, so brought it home check compression and the third cylinder had on like 70psi. Torn back down and the rings seized up. Tried to turn drive shalf by hand with all plugs out and the third cylinder off and couldn't move by hand, had to use wrench to turn, took drive shalf out and still couldn't turn motor by hand, then took all jugs off still couldn't turn. So I pulled the engine out of ski and the crank bearings had seized. The center rod bearing had seized also.does anyone have ideals on what could have cause this? Will I be able to change bearings on the crank myself or have to have it sent off for rebuild? If so where would be the cheapest place and best place? Or be better off to buy one from SBT or eBay?
    Oh btw I am running premix 50:1. Don't trust the oil injector... Sorry bout being so long!

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    I will not guess on the original cause(s) of the pistons breaking apart, but once you have metal debris in the crank case (from a busted piston) you are risking further engine damage after the rebuild, unless you take the engine apart and clean/inspect very thoroughly.

    It sounds like this engine was failing or ready to fail when you bought it. If there was any rust inside the crank bearings then it was just a matter of time before the crank seizes.

    If the engine was flooded with water and then cranked, or ingested water while it was running, the resulting hydro-lock can crack pistons and bend connecting rods. Then the water starts rusting the crank bearings...

    The Polaris crankshafts require a full crank rebuild using a hydraulic press and some expertise to do it properly. The connecting rods and crank pins are replaced during the rebuild, including all the bearings. New crank seals, of course.

    Oh yes, welcome

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    40-1 premix for sure on new motors - 50-1 is lean kinda ,

    the oil pumps I hear are awesome on these, just always make sure ur oil lines and clamps are in top shape ! - u smoke less use less oil and its just all around easier , but premix is a good way to , !

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