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    Honda F-12x Need Help (Very HOT) No warnings or beeps

    Hi Everyone,

    Having a problem with ski

    Just recently replaced exhaust manifold due to corrosion.
    Ski ran great first ride back in the water besides a little episode after a shallow water run on WOT , After i backed off the gas i noticed the pisser was spluttering and also steaming.
    We beached the ski and checked the grate but couldn't feel anything. So put in reverse for a bit and it seem to have cleared to problem but was a bit skeptical on it and took it back to ramp.

    Flushed it out and seemed to be running fine.

    The next outing on the ski it managed to blow the bypass water hose under the motor. and filled the ski about 4 inches of water. So back to the ramp.

    Replaced the split hose and a couple others i was worried about.

    Today when i took the ski back out on the water after the repairs, was running ok at the start for 5 minutes but soon started to become a bit sluggish and was only revving to about 5300 rpms max and at times it would run rough and shut off.

    We noticed the exhaust was way to hot to touch. back to the ramp and home.

    So we stated to investigate the cooling lines. Disconnected the the top exhaust water feed hose ( between exhaust manifold anode and exhaust) started the ski up and ran the water. water was flowing through. So then we un bolted the exhaust to make sure water was coming out of the jackets and it was fine.
    After that decided to take the exhaust out from the water box and noticed the water box was bone dry ( Is the this right ? ) Also to my finding the little elbow on the exhaust outlet through rear of hull has a 1 inch burnt open hole.

    All this dramas and the ski has shown no warnings or beeps.

    Ive only owned the ski for 8 weeks now.
    During flushing I've also noticed the water coming out of the pisser will squirt about 3 meters away from ski on the hose pressure and also no water coming out of exhaust outlet. ( Is this normal ?)

    Please any advice will be appreciated I'm at wits end with this ski.

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    sounds like a small passage in your cooling system is clogged with sand or debris.....those small passages are usually found on the exhaust and turbo side.... Refer to your shop manual for water flow, as its been a few years since I wrenched on one.

    Try running DAWN through may make the debris slippery and may pass it, maybe blow compressed air through pisser to loosen it up

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    I have a post on PWCTODAY named "30 minutes can save you thousands" that deals with cooling system problems on Hondas. I probably should copy it and put it on here too since I don't come on here as often any more.

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    Thanks guys.
    Ok this morning I've found the blockage. It seems a salt crystal or small rock had blocked the small outlet hole at the bottom of exhaust in water box. Cleaned it all up put back together and ran the ski. Water flow is now good and coming out exhaust at rear. Thumbs up for that.
    But its still running a bit rough. When started will idle at 1100-1200 rpm for 30 seconds then drop to about 800-1000rpm and not sounding to well.
    Could the engine be damaged due to the blockage and overheated. Even with no warnings or buzzing. Or could one of the sensors become bad from the problem.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Or because the water outlet was blocked in exhaust could this have caused a water pressure build up problem somewhere which is causing ski to now run rough.

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    Put some plugs in it and a can of seafoam in tank......that should clean it up

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