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    2005 Seadoo 3D - Won't start - PLEASE HELP! Electrical

    OK all, I am going to go crazy with this ski. I replaced the VCM because it was shot. I would put on the DESS key and got nothing. I was told it was a bad VCM, and sure enough, when I took it off, some pins were broken. Got a new VCM last week and plugged it in. Hooked the battery up and thought I would be ready to roll. Plugged in the DESS key and a crazy LOUD alarm started going off and I could here the normal 2 beeps faintly. The alarm is a solid tone and is loud as crap. All I have to do is get the DESS key close to the post and it goes off. When I pull the DESS key off, it keeps going and either fizzles out or I have to disconnect the battery and it stops. I can hit the start button and all I get is CLICK, CLICK. If I hold in the starter, it keeps clicking. I wasn't sure what in the world the alarm was, but thought the clicking was the solenoid. I got a new solenoid, replaced the old one and still the same thing. I can complete the circuit and turn it over using a screwdriver and the ski turns over no problem, but it won't start. Thought maybe MPEM...I have a spare ski....pulled the MPEM off that and still the same thing....Any ideas here???
    Please HELP!!!!!

    Thank you in advance!!!!!

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    I suspect you have harness and connector issues at the VCM. If you had pins broken, the mating connector will be toast as well. You need to take apart the connectors and get a high power magnifier, look over all connector contacts, and get contact gauge pins to test out integrity. Sounds like you may have a short in the beeper section. You will need to check for shorts and continuity at all connector contacts.

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