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    Any difference between Solas SRX-CD-14/19 vs SRX-CD-14/19R?

    What difference (if any) does the "R" make?

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    Changing my search terms uncovered this page:

    Which says
    All "R" model Solas impellers are placed in a pitch-block before leaving Solas to ensure accuracy for optimal performance. Avaialble only from RIVA Racing and RIVA Authorized Dealers!
    So I guess the "R" stands for "Riva."

    Any practical difference in having it placed in a pitch block? Or is this marketing hype?

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    Just means its been checked in a pitch block for Rivas standards.

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    R don't mean squat... Still the same pitch and consistency as a standard NON R.. Skat or Solas... I've seen them time and again.

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    Thx, OU812. That's what I figured.

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    RIVa marketing shit. People seem to think if it has a RIVa stamp it's gold

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    I asked impros about the "R" and yea, they said it stands for Riva and that it doesn't mean anything different in build or performance. I ordered a Solas "srx-cd-15/20" from impros and I simply had them confirm that it came polished like the "R". I figured that might have been the only difference....but yea, my 15/20 is all pretty and polished smooth just like my old 15/20R was
    Oh, and it looks oh sooo pretty sitting TIGHT in my new Solas SS wear ring too

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    You need a 15/20 RRRRRRRRRRRRR

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    I once wound someone up at the launch ramp that was bugging me with questions. I told him the R was for Reverse and his ski should not be put into reverse without one of these special props on it!

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