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    What do I do..........?

    Hi guys and girls, new to this site, just thought I would ask some advice.
    I have been given a 2005 Gp1300r with a blown engine, the engine was rebuild due to lack of ol and after the guy put the engine back in , some how took water in the cylinders.....? Anyway it was left for a year and now I have it? I pulled the head off and is in pretty bad shape!
    I got given an old 1200 motor by a mate to see if I could use any parts , so I have this to play with to if needed!
    S o my question is, I want to build a quick (70 mph+) ski where do I start......... Do I tune the running 1200 carb motor and try to fit that or tear down the 1300 and start from scratch with this motor?
    if I do this can anyone recommend anyone in the UK for doing this ?
    and can some let me know the easiest way to tune these 1300s, there is loads on here, and almost too much info to get a good set up with regards to impellor sizes with mild enne mods.
    my idea skimmed heads, impellor(size?) , nozzle, intake grate, trim tabs, sponsons, little bit of porting..........?????

    HELP! Appreciate any input!
    best Matt

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    Well Matt, 1st welcome to the hulk. Your 1300 sounds like it will be a project you are willing to take on. I would not consider installing the 1200 engine in it, rather sell the 1200 motor to fund your 1300 rebuild. As for mods ... do 1st things 1st get the 1300 up & running. Stay-n-touch with this forum ... for all your DIY questions. Good Luck

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