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    Bungie Cords - needed for gas tank?

    I just removed the plethora of Bungie cords to remove the stock front air intake from my RXP. Do I need to re-install any of the bungies to hold down the fuel tank?

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    i would,what happens if your craft gets upside down and there is nothing to help hold the gas tank in??

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    seems like it will be a bit loose, but OK! I'll reinstall.

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    if you removed the air intake
    just tie a knot in the bungie to make it tight again

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    Or use 4in pvc couplers.

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    Also, do I really need to drill holes in the cowling to put the rear air in?????

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    Should have been more clear... I know I have to drill two small holes to mount the intake screen, but I'm wondering about the 2+ inch holes in step 5 here:

    I also don't think I need to remove the SC for this...

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    OK - got the Bungie cords re-connected (does BRP use miniature monkeys at the factory to get all up in those tight spaces???).

    Amazing how much OEM air intake crap comes out of that RXP! Reminds me of the OEM air intake stuff in most GM cars, too. Seems the manufacturers are hell bent on air taking the longest possible path to get from outside to inside.

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    How hard was it to remove the stock intake plumbing ? Did you pull it out of the front opening ?

    I recently got an 04 RXP that has an R&D intake on it and I was looking at removing the factory set up just not sure if it's worth the time if it's a big PITA.

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