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    Please help - 96 sl 780 with oil in the mag cover.

    Hey guys, Question. I just picked up another polaris sl 780. Pulled the carbs changed the fuel lines... Did all the to do things we do with these things. I noticed oil up front on top of the mag cover by the timing plug on top. Started looking around for a oil line leak and pulled the rubber plug from the top - timing cover and found oil inside... I performed a leak down check and everything passed. 9 psi for 10 minutes. Then I started asking myself wait a second if I had a leak I probly wouldnt have oil inside that cover....Someone would of had to fill that thing like that. It would be a vacumn leak not a oil leak . I was considering pulling the engine from this machine and throwing it in my 95 slt 750. Then yesterday my slt seized the pto rear bearing.. Opps..
    So i pulled the 780 engine today and turned the motor up side down and oil just poored from the mag cover. Probly a good quart or so of oil . Made a big mess. The oil looks tan like motor oil... Is there people out there that put oil inside this area????? Or can a seal failer cause this issue...

    Oh by the way the previous owner told me the engine was rebuilt 2 winters ago... I pulled the heads to inspect the piston wash and they all look really good.. I didnt want to tear the motor apart and replace the seals If it wasn't needed.. But I know I probly should then I know its done right...

    Thanks in advance...

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    I would think that a leak down test would let you know if the seals were bad or not. Anything is possible when it comes to people not knowing anything about these skis. It is possible that someone intentionally poured a quart of oil into the stator cover through the timing inspection hole. You'd be surprised how many people have posted a question asking how to change the oil on these........ With that said, there is no benefit to pouring oil into the mag cover. The area should be dry and free from water, oil, gas, etc, although I don't think these thinks will actually harm the components.

    Sounds like your SLT went ahead and helped with the decision to install the 780 in it. Keep all of the parts on the 750 as the stator, CDI, and all other electrical parts do work with the 780, and are a good backup to have. The carbs and crankcase are a match as well, with the exception of jetting in the carbs.

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