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    2013 Ultra Lx -- First Day On The Water

    Hey everyone,

    I bought my Ultra LX last weekend but today was the first day that we had a chance to take her out on the water. We got to Mission Bay (De Anza Cove Boat Ramp) here in San Diego around 11:30 AM. Given that it was a Sunday during the summer, I was expecting a full parking lot and a long line at the ramp. Such was not the case. We were able to unload right away (it took me a few tries to back the trailer down the ramp---first time I've ever done something like this before) and park our tow vehicle & trailer with ease.

    We followed the Kawasaki manual's guidelines for break-in quite to the letter...kept it at 2,500 RPM and under for the first 5 minutes, 4,000 and under for the next hour and then 6,000 and under for the next 30 minutes. The first hour, being limited to 4,000 RPM was not exactly exciting but it was fun nonetheless. Once we were able to go up to 6,000, however, the fun really started to begin...was able to get her up to about 30 MPH with the "SLO" key installed. And to think that this is only about half of what this ski can do!

    When we got home, I went through the full after ride maintenance....flushed the coolant system with Salt Terminator via the flushing port, gently sprayed the engine with fresh water (covering the air intake first to protect it), wiped the engine down, sprayed the engine with Fluid Film, sprayed the rest of the exterior of the ski & trailer with fresh water, cleaned the intake port, dried everything off and covered her up (I love, love, love the Kawasaki Vacu-Hold cover that we got for awesome!)

    We're looking forward to taking her out again real soon, probably next weekend. A couple more trips to the bay and we'll be done with the break-in. Then, we can start towing our Airhead tube!

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    nice to hear of another happy customer

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    Great stuff Andrew.

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    Thanks guys!


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    One thing I learned the hard way. Don't let it sit beached or your bottom will be all scratched up. Better invest in an anchor asap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roadrnnr View Post
    One thing I learned the hard way. Don't let it sit beached or your bottom will be all scratched up. Better invest in an anchor asap.
    Good point Roadrnnr. I actually did order an anchor online last week and should be receiving it very soon. As for the scratched bottom, I already have a few small scratches on the bottom of the hull. They could be from beaching or from hauling her out at the end of the day yesterday. Either way, they don't bug me.



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    What a great looking ski. We used to do our SoCal club picnic at ski beach in Mission there. We have changed it to Lake Perris so we could camp and make it a weekend long thing.
    Congratulations and enjoy that Ultra - The BEST all-around ski for the coin for sure.

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    Sharp ski!

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    Hey good luck, nice color ski. I'll probably be owning one of these some day when my body can't take the pounding on the STX-15F any more! BTW, Mission Bay is where I rode my first jet-ski, stayed at the Dana and rented nearby. What a beautiful area.

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    Nice ski.

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