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    GP1300R Powershot Controller

    Purchased an 06 GPR about a month ago that wouldn't get over 30mph,, the PO suspected the EFI Controller so he bought a powershot to replace the Riva Controller, the powershot didn't change the issue so I took it to Jim's Performance (mr wizard ) and he replaced the injectors so the ski run's perfect now.

    I no longer need the powershot since we put the riva back in, and it functions fine. The powershot probably has less than one hour on it total, and if it wasn't so pricey i'd just keep it as a backup. But I figured somebody could make use of it..

    $360 shipped, comes in original package and the tuning paperwork. Just want to sell it to break even on Mechanic's bill

    Have it listed on Fleabay but I'd rather it go directly to a member.

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    $275 shipped, a great deal, I have no use for this except as a backup.

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